Find Your Car's Value with our Kelley Blue Book Tool

When you start your search for a new car, chances are, you don't plan on keeping your old one. So, what are you going to do with a vehicle you no longer expect to drive around Oceanside? Some drivers stress themselves out by brainstorming a reasonable price and finding a location that might get the most exposure. Save yourself the trouble and take advantage of our Kelley Blue Book tool. Then bring it to Escondido to let the team at North County Kia buy it from you. It is the best way to get the most out of your trade.

The Kelley Blue Book pricing system is the most reliable and widely accepted way to determine the value of a car. There is no better name in the business. That is why North County Kia trusts this system when it comes to your trade. So, how does it work for you? With just a little bit of information and a few minutes of your time, you can get a solid estimate of what you can expect when you bring your to North County Kia.

It is simple. Start by identifying your vehicle, including the VIN and License Plate. Give us an idea of its condition, including cosmetic and systems issues it might have, then finally some financial history about your trade. Within minutes, you will receive an estimate of how much you could earn by bringing it to our team in Escondido. With that offer in your arsenal, you can bring it to our appraisers, who will give it a thorough inspection, then make you an offer on the spot.

No games and no hassle. Just like you need to know what you are getting from a new car to get you to your next San Diego adventure, you need to come prepared when it comes to selling your car. Don't get caught off or get low-balled by another dealer. Trust the Kelley Blue Book Trade Tool. It is just another way for you to Customize your Deal at North County Kia.