The design of the Kia SUV lineup at North Country Kia is captivating and inspiring. One look at the models within this segment of the Kia vehicle lineup will leave you feeling as though you just peered into the future. Look at the array of new Kia SUVs this automaker has to offer at North Country Kia below.

Kia SUVs near Carlsbad

Kia Soul

Portraying just what its name suggests, the Kia Soul has a look all its own. Its eccentric appeal is what draws buyers in, and its boxy look makes it look larger than this compact SUV really is.

Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos is nothing less than sporty. With its black accents and strong contours, the bold look of the Kia Seltos is unforgettable.

Kia Sportage

Athleticism and refinement are two key qualities of the Kia Sportage. A rear spoiler gives this model an athletic feel, while its chrome accents put off a premium appeal.

Kia Niro

Short in stance and low-sitting, the Kia Niro thrives on complex driving situations. It is dynamic and adaptable in any driving scenario, and its hybrid availability makes it a popular choice among consumers in Temecula.

Kia Sorento

Standing taller than other Kia SUVs with a wide front grille, the Kia Sorento knows it is a model of distinction. It proudly shows off its upscale amenities and its useful exterior features.

Kia Telluride

As one of Kia's most popular SUV models near Oceanside, CA, the Kia Telluride is a powerful SUV with a third-row seating layout that can fit up to eight passengers in its cabin. Amiable safety technology is a highlight of this modern model.

Kia Carnival MPV

The Kia Carnival MPV is a new addition to Kia's lineup, and it has gained recognition for its oversized body and the massive amount of cargo space. Practical and innovative, this SUV is focused on making travel for families in Carlsbad comfortable and more intuitive.

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